About Waterbar

Pacific Beach’s Waterbar

Waterbar was born of a deep appreciation for and understanding of the free-spirited creativity, fresh cuisine, and approachable culture unique to California’s southern coastline.

Located alongside the vibrant ocean-front boardwalk in Pacific Beach, Waterbar offers only the best in tantalizing menus, innovative libations, panoramic views, and lively entertainment. Our “social seafood” menu is inspired by East coast, West coast and Baja cuisines, and transforms the freshest flavors through our chef’s unique renditions of coastal classics. Flavor-forward craft cocktails, local micro-brews, national brand favorites, and a diverse wine list are offered across comfortable bar seating, community-table dining, and intimate ocean-side tables. Waterbar’s thriving, energetic environment captures the passion of San Diego’s iconic coastline for an unforgettably satisfying experience.

Read more below about our perspective on food, beverage and culture that helps to create an unforgettable dining experience at Pacific Beach’s premiere oceanfront venue.


Fresh Ingredients

From-scratch Kitchen

The “social seafood” construct that forms the foundation for Waterbar’s concept would not be possible without a distinct and thoughtful appreciation for every ingredient. With an eye for sustainability, our culinary team leverages unique artisan and local products to create masterful, timeless and trend-setting dishes from scratch, ensuring that only the freshest and most flavorful food is served to every customer.

Craft Culture

Our commitment to excellence is marked by an ability to correctly position both products and personnel to the benefit of every guest. From sip to savor to service, we choose to focus on the development of a “craft culture,” a culture marked by the enjoyment of artisan wines, local, regional, and international brews, and both classic and progressive cocktails – all perfectly paired with delicate yet approachable dishes.

Food and Beverage

OUR Team



Chef Carlos


Meet Executive Chef Carlos Rodriguez: A Culinary Maestro Blending Art & Flavors

Born in the diverse landscapes of Texas and raised in the vibrancy of New York, Executive Chef Carlos Rodriguez’s culinary journey has been a masterpiece of passion, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to the art of cooking.

From a young age, Chef Carlos found his calling in the kitchen, inspired by the lively dances and infectious laughter of his beloved grandma as she conjured culinary magic, Determined to follow in her footsteps, he envisioned himself as the joyful and vibrant chef, infusing every dish with love and soul. Defying the conventional path, Chef Carlos embraced the school of hard knocks, choosing to learn through hands-on experience and determination. He honed his skills in the kitchens of his aunt’s restaurants, devouring knowledge from books, and mastering the culinary arts through sheer dedication.

An artist at heart, Chef Carlos discovered the intersection of his passion for cooking with his eye for art, graffiti, and drawing. This synergy paved the way for a culinary style that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also captivates the eyes with stunning presentations. Among the array of cuisines that tantalize his palate, Chef Carlos holds Italian and Asian cuisine close to his heart. Their diverse flavors and rich cultural influences have woven their way into his culinary repertoire, adding depth and complexity to every creation.

A man of love and family, Chef Carlos shares his life with his three beloved bullies, whose playful antics brighten his days and remind him of the joy in the simplest things. In a delicious twist of fate, love has brought him and his fiancé together in the kitchen–she, a talented pastry chef, and he, the culinary savant–forming a formidable culinary duo.

As the Executive Chef of Waterbar in Pacific Beach, Chef Carlos Rodriguez brings his passion for art, love for family, and an unyielding commitment to excellence to every plate he crafts. His dishes are not just meals but stories, infused with personal anecdotes and flavors that transport diners on a journey of taste and emotion.